How to find the logon logon server in AD domain environment

How you can find the which users are login from which logon server in the same Domain, From command line.

If you are the System Administrator for windows server and you want to known about the user info like currently logged-in user authenticated from which logon server. Then this article will be help you out to find the same from command line, And this command do not need admin privileges to command can be run by users self or run as standard users.

Step 1 - Just Go to the client machine in which user are logged in to.

Step 2 - Open Command prompt, by typing cmd in RUN

Step 3 - Here is two command where you can find the logon server info.

  1. Type - “echo %logonserver%” - This will provide only the logon server only.


Method 2

  1. Type -  “whoami” This command will help you to find the logon Domain name and username


Method 3

  1. Open command prompt and type - “set l” (Small L), This will also find your local appdata path and logon server as well.


Method 4

In this method you will not get only logon server, You will get whole you domain information where you logged in

  1. Open command prompt and type - “nltest /