Change user environment variable as domain user in windows

QUESTION - How to change user environment variable as standard or domain user in Microsoft windows 8.1/7

PROBLEM - When trying to edit or change environment variable, by click on "Advanced System Settings" from System or My computer Properties. It always asking for administrator password, whenever user have only the domain user or standard user permission. Even trying to edit only user environment variable not system environment variable.


First environment variable is two type first - System level which is called "System Environment Variable", Second - User level which is called "User Environment Variable".

If you want to changes as system level, Windows will always asked administrator password if you don't have administrator privilege. But you can run or manage any application with logged in user environmentvariable. But for that you need to be change or edit your user environment variable. Here I am providing two method from where you can change user environment variable without administrator password.

Method 1: From Control Panel

1) Open control panel and type environment variables in search box

2) Click "Edit environment variables for your account", It will never asked for password and you can make changes.

Method 2: From start menu or windows search.

For windows 7 -

1) Click start or press windows button on KB and type environment variables

2) Click "Edit environment variables for your account"

For Windows 8/8.1 -

1) Press Win+w or Win+s key to open search box

2) Ttype environment variables

3) Click "Edit environment variables for your account"

Method 3: From command

1) Open Run box or CMD prompt.

2) Type - "rundll32 sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables"

3) It will open environment variables, And you see User variable for "username" section is highlighted and you can make changes.