Full Form of Computer Fundamentals Part 1

Full Form or Stands for Computer Fundamentals and OS Related Word Part 1

1 ACPI Advance Configration Power Interfrece.  
2 AT Advance Technology.
3 ATX Advance Technology Extended.
4 AGP Accelerated Graphics Architecture.
5 AMD Advanced Micro Devices.                    
6 ATA Advanced Technology Attachment.  
7 Alt Alternate.                                                                                     
8 AOL America Online.
9 APIs Application Programmingdefinition.
10 APM Advance Power Managment. 
11 BASIC Beginners Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
12 BIOS Basic Input Output System.
13 BPS Bits Per Second.
14 BSD Berkeley Software` Distribution.
15 CPU Center Perocessing Unit.
16 CoBOL Common Business Oriented Language.
17 C-DAC Center for devlopment of advanced.
18 CD Compact disc.
19 CD-R Compact disc recordable.
20 CD-RW  Compact disc re-writable.
21 COM Communication.
22 Ctrl Control.
23 CPS Characters per second.
24 CMTS Cable modem termination system.
25 CICS Customer information control system.
26 CMS Conversational monitor system.
27 CVF Compressed volume file.
28 CAE Common application environment.
29 CDE Common destop environment.
30 DRAM Dynamic random access memory.
31 DIMM Dual in-line memory modual.
32 DOS Disk operating system.
        Or vse virtual storage extended.
33 DVD Digital video/versatile disc.
34 DVD-R Digital video disc Recordable.
35 Del Delete.
36 DPI Dots per inch.
37 DSL Digital subscriber line.
38 DIP Dual in-line package. 
39 EDSAC Electronic deley storage automatic calculator.
40 ENIAC Eletro-numaric integrator and calculator.
41 EDO-DRAM Extended data output – dynamic random access memory.
42 EPROM Erasable programmable read only memory.
43 EEPROM Electrically erasable programmable read only memory
44 ESDI Enhanced small device /disk intertface.
45 EIDE Enhanced integrated device electronic.
46 ESP Enhanced serial port.
47 EISA Enhjanced industry standard architecture.
48 Esc Escapee.
49 EGA Enhanced graphics adapter.
50 EOF End- of- file.
51 EFS Encrypting file system.
52 FDD Floppy disk drive.
53 FAT File allocation table.
54 FAP File access permissions.
55 FSB Front side bus.
56 GUI Graphic user interface.
57 GPL General public license.
58 GLPL General limited public license. 
59 HAD Head disk assembly.
60 HMA High memory are. .
61 HTML Hyper text markup language.
62 HTTP Hyper text transfer protocol.