Full Form of Computer Fundamentals Part 2

Full Form or Stands for Computer Fundamentals and OS Related Word Part -2

63 HCL Hardware compatibility list.
64 ISA Industrial standard architecture.
65 IDE Integrated device electronics.
66 IrDA Infrased data association.
67 Ins Insert.
68 ISDN Integrated service digital network.
69 ICS Internet connection sharing.
70 ISPs Internet service providors.
71 Id Identification.
72 ICS Internet connetion sharing.
73 IRP Interpt request.
74 JVM Java virtual machin.
75 LPX Low profile extended.
76 LIF Low intertion force.
77 LAN Local area network.
78 LBA Linear byte addressing.
79 Lum Luminescene.
80 LDAP Light weight directory access protocol.
81 MTBF Mean time between failures.
82 MCA Micro channel architecture.
83 MIDI Musical instrument digital interface.
84 Ms-DOS Microsoft disk operating system.
85 MB Maga bytes.
86 MBR Master boot recorde.
87 MsIE Microsoft’s internet explorer.
88 MMC Microsoft management console.
89 NLX New low profile extended.
90 NVRAM Non volatile random access memory.
91 NTFS New technology file system.
92 NIC network interface card.
93 NCSA National center for supercomputing application.
94 NES Network file system.
95 Op-Amp Opertional amplifier.
96 OS Operating system.
97 PDAs Personal digital assistants.
98 PC Personal computer.
99 PCI Peripheral component inter.
100 PSN Perocessor serial number.
101 PROM Programmable read only memory.
102 PIO Programmed input/output.
103 PMT Photo multiple tube.
104 PPM Pages per minut.
105 POTS Plain old telephon services.
106 Pro-DOS Professional disk operating system.
107 PICS Platform for internet content selection.
108 RISC Reduced instruction set chip/computing.
109 RAM Random access memory.
110 ROM Read only memory.
111 RIMM Rambus in-line memory modual.
112 RAID Redundant array of inexpensive disk.
113 RJ Registered jack.
114 RDP Remote desktop protocol.
115 RSOP Resultant set of policy.
116 SMB System management bus.
117 SATA Seriel advanced technology attachment.
118 SDRAM Synchronous dynamic radom access memory.
119 SRAM Static random access memory.
120 SIMM Single in-line memory modual.