How to Backup of AD and System State on Server 2008 R2, P-1

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This article will help you to how to backup of active directory on windows server 2008 by using command line wbadmin because windows server 2008 not support NTBACKUP. But yes if you have windows server 2008 R2 then you can do via GUI (Graphical User Interface) or command line for backup system state.

What will include in System state backup -

When you run command for system state backup it will include following backup automatically.

1. Active Directory

2. Boot files

3. COM+ files

4. Registry

5. SYSVOL Directory

6. Certificate database

7. Cluster service information

Before backup of AD in server 2008 need to install the backup features from the Server Manager, for install backup features in server follow these step.

Enable Windows Server Backup features from Server Manager

Steps 1 Open Server Manager from Run type – ServerManager.msc

- Or - Press StartMenu click Server Manager

- Or - Open MMC and Add Remove Snap-in and Add server manager

- Or – Right Click on My Computer then click Manage

Steps 2 – Expend server name and Click Features

Steps 3 – Click Add features (Right Top)

Steps 4 – Scroll and Check on Windows Server Backup and Command-line tools in Windows Server backup Features

Steps 5 – Click Next and Then Click Install


After installation of windows backup features, I need to take backup of Active directory.

For backup of active directory I have to backup of System state in server 2008 from the windows Server backup command Line tools.

System State Backup From Command-Line Utility.

Steps 6 – Open command prompt by Typing CMD on Run

Steps 7 – Type “wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:F:\BACKUP”

   Where f:\BACKUP is your backup destination path and you can choose a different one.

Steps 8 – Now press Y for Start the system state backup.