How to find computer's uptime/boot time by command & script?

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Many methods are available to get the system or system uptime or boot time. You can get this from a single command, GUI and from a PowerShell script for get uptime for multiple servers in a file.

Method 1 -This is the most easy way and get information quickly as compare to other method.

Step 1 - Open command prompt and type “net statistics server” or “net stats srv” and press Enter,

You will get date and time since server is up in line of Statistics since.


Method 2 - By System Information command. This will take few second to first get complete system information then search for boot time and show one line result.

Step 1 - Open command prompt and typesysteminfo | find "System Boot Time:"


Method 3 -From Uptime utility.

Step 1 - Download uptime.exe tool from click here. And save it in a folder.

Step 2 - Open command prompt and go to this folder directory and type “uptime