Full Form of Computer Fundamentals Part 3

Full Form or Stands for Computer Fundamentals and OS Related Word Part -3

121 SOJ Small outline j-lead.
122 SODIMM Smalloutline dynamic random access memory.
123 SCSI Small computer system interface.
124 SSP Standard parallel port.
125 STP Shielded Twisted pair.
126 St Saturation.
127 SVID System V interface definition.
128 SISSL Sun industry standard source license.
129 TSR Thin small outline pakage.
130 TSR Teminate & sstay resident program.
131 USB Universal serial bus.
132 UART Universal asynchronous recived transmitter.
133 UTP Unshielded twisted pair.
134 UMBs Upper memory blocks.
135 UE Ultra enterprise.
136 VRAM Video random acces memory.
137 VM/370 Virtual machin operating system.
138 VM/XA Virtual machin / extended architecture operating system.
139 VBI Vertical blanking interval.
140 VRML virtual reality modelling language.
141 VPNs Virtual private networks.
142 ZIF Zero insertion force.